Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Hiring a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve. Insurance companies rarely agree to fair settlements and will try to find reasons to deny or minimize your claim. If you’re not well-versed in motorcycle law, this could mean a lifetime of legal bills. This is why you need a qualified San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer. Their assistance will not only minimize the pushback you face, but will increase your chances of receiving a fair settlement.

Distracted driving

As a motorcycle rider, you deserve to be protected by an experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorney. If another driver does not follow traffic laws, they could cause a serious accident involving your motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous because motorcycles do not have the external protections that other vehicles have. A distracted driver or other driver who is concentrating on their phone can have devastating effects on the motorcyclist. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available.

Drunk driving

Whether you are a victim of a drunk driving motorcycle accident or you have suffered from a similar injury, you should consult a drunk driving motorcycle accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. These accidents can leave victims physically and emotionally traumatized and may lead to civil liability and compensation claims that can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you were involved in a motorcycle crash because of a drunk driver, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Chicago today to learn about your legal options.

Spinal cord injuries

While many victims of motorcycle accidents do not suffer serious spinal cord injuries, those who do may face ongoing pain and difficulty with their mobility. The effects of spinal cord injuries are often life-changing and can leave a victim with diminished enjoyment of life. The most severe cases can result in paralysis and require constant care and supervision. Listed below are some of the common spinal cord injuries associated with motorcycle accidents. Read on to learn more.

Damages that cannot be measured purely in monetary terms

General damages are awarded in personal injury and defamation claims. Statutory damages are also available and are stipulated within a statute. These damages are not based on the severity of harm to the plaintiff, but rather the act itself. Statutory damages are provided by lawmakers for acts that are difficult to value in monetary terms. The act itself may be worthless, but the victim can still recover statutory damages.

Noneconomic damages

Economic and noneconomic damages of motorcycle accidents are different. Economic damages compensate for past and future medical bills, loss of wages while recovering, or future earnings due to disability. Noneconomic damages, on the other hand, cover pain and suffering experienced by the victim. Noneconomic damages are difficult to quantify because they are based on a person’s subjective experience after an accident. Noneconomic damages may include physical impairment, mental anguish, and humiliation.

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