Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You may need to hire a Georgia motorcycle accident attorney to file a claim if you were injured in a collision with a car. If the other party was partially at fault for the crash, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Georgia motorcycle accident law uses the “contributory negligence” principle, which states that each party shares some responsibility for the accident. A factfinder at trial will determine how much each party is at fault for the accident, and the percentage of fault must be less than the combined percentage of fault of the other parties. The percentage of fault will also reduce the amount of damages you receive.

Benefits of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is a great idea if you have been injured in a crash. Your injuries may be too severe to handle on your own, and you don’t want to put yourself through the stress of filing your claim and negotiating with insurance companies. A Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer will handle all of this for you. These lawyers can help you navigate the legal system and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney also shows that you are serious about getting the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies know this and will try to lower your settlement offer by claiming you can’t afford an attorney. Motorcycle accident lawyers can help you build a strong case and fight for your legal rights. Even if you are not able to prove that the other party was negligent, an attorney can help you gather evidence to support your claims.

Intangible damages

Intangible damages are non-economic damages, which are often the biggest part of a settlement. These include physical pain, disfigurement, and discomfort, as well as emotional trauma, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Because motorcycle accidents often cause serious injuries, pain and suffering awards usually account for a significant percentage of a settlement. These damages are also called general damages, because they consider both physical and emotional pain.

Intangible damages are difficult to quantify, and motorcycle accident lawyers will use the most effective methods to quantify these losses. Examples of non-economic damages include the emotional pain suffered by the motorcyclist, loss of society, and consortium, among other things. Punitive damages are awarded in cases of particularly outrageous behavior. Intangible damages are often difficult to quantify, but persuasive advocacy can help the judge understand the suffering suffered by the motorcycle accident victim, and this can make or break the amount of damage awarded.

Contributory negligence

If you were in a motorcycle accident, you might be wondering how to prove your negligence. Oftentimes, the answer to this question lies in the type of accident you were involved in. In California, for example, the law considers the failure to wear a helmet or seat belt as a form of contributory negligence. To prove your contribution to your injuries, you need to demonstrate that you should have worn a helmet or seat belt at the time of the accident.

If you were at fault for the crash, you will be assigned a certain percentage of blame. Then, the insurance company will reduce your compensation to reflect that percentage. If you were driving erratically and failed to look, you will only receive 70% of your initial award, while someone else who was purely negligent will only receive 50% of their compensation. In such a scenario, you will need to prove your negligence as clearly as possible, and keep in mind that the accident occurred due to another driver’s carelessness.

Recovering compensation for injuries

When it comes to recovering compensation for injuries, you may need the services of a motorcycle accident attorney. The first step is to consult a medical professional. Your doctor can provide vital evidence that ties your injuries to the accident. If you do not seek medical attention for your injuries, you may suffer from long-term pain or complications. Additionally, your doctor’s report will prevent the insurance company from saying you received an injury after the accident.

The second step is to determine what party caused the crash. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you calculate how much money you should be able to recover after the crash. If you were at fault, the legal team can pursue a claim against the other party to help you receive the compensation you need. Your attorney can also represent you at court if necessary. You may be able to recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to your accident.

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