Self-driving cars are in various stages of development with manufacturers around the globe. Completely and partially self-driving vehicles are equipped with smart, driverless features such as automatic braking and lane-switching, which are normal driving activities that can just as easily contribute to auto accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries from a collision caused by a self-driving car, you should review your legal options.

Potential Dangers of Self-Driving Cars

A red light in New York City

There are inherent potential dangers of self-driving cars that can be hazardous to pedestrians and other drivers. If a self-driving vehicle causes a crash, identifying and evaluating potential causes can help determine whether the manufacturer or driver is liable:

  • Human error: Ultimately, the driver has complete control of the vehicle despite the smart features boasted by self-driving cars. Even the most advanced technology cannot completely protect the public from negligent human operators.
  • Improper Design/Manufacturing: In the event that a driverless vehicle contains a design defect that contributes to collisions, the manufacturer can be held liable.
  • Vehicle Malfunction: Anyone who’s operated a vehicle knows that sometimes cars simply break down. If something goes wrong, the manufacturer could potentially be held liable.

Technology is imperfect, and determining liability following an auto accident in New York that involved a driverless vehicle will require further investigation. Involvement from police officials, attorneys, insurance representatives, and private investigators could be necessary for looking into the crash to determine who or what was the main cause of the accident.

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