West Virginia Trucking Accident Lawyers

West Virginia Trucking Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been involved in a trucking accident in West Virginia, you may be wondering who to hire. This article will introduce you to Taylor Norman, David Bosak, and Tim Bailey, three of the most effective lawyers in the region. Contact them today for a free consultation. You can also contact them online for a free case review. After reading their reviews, you’ll know exactly which attorney is right for you.

Taylor Norman

Taylor Norman is a West Virginia trucking injury attorney. He represents the families of three deceased coal miners, including the driver of the diesel personnel carrier who was killed. The accident occurred on a South Mains haulage road. A diesel vehicle contacted a roof-to-floor support in the 3 block. The roof-to-floor support was ejected into the passenger compartment. It struck Taylor, who was in the right front passenger seat, in the head. Zachary Wright, the Scoop Operator, yelled for assistance, and the left side crew was rushed to the scene. The shift foreman and Taylor’s driver, Zachary Wright, radioed the Shift Operator, and both workers received first aid.

David Bosak

David Bosak, a West Virginia trucking accident lawyer, has been named a Rising Star by the West Virginia Super Lawyers publication. Bosak, who graduated from Ohio State University’s Moritz School of Law in 2012, spent the first six years of his legal career as a defense attorney, representing big corporations and insurance companies. This experience has provided him with unique insights into how to effectively represent injured plaintiffs against big adversaries.

Tim Bailey

The firm’s five attorneys have been named Super Lawyers in West Virginia for the year 2022. Timothy Bailey, JR Carter, Lee Javins, and Taylor Norman have each received this honor. These lawyers have distinguished themselves from other West Virginia attorneys through their years of legal experience, and Tim Bailey is no exception. Bailey has won numerous awards for his work and is licensed to practice law in three states, including West Virginia.

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