Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Trucking accidents are a serious matter requiring the services of a qualified attorney. In this article, you will learn more about the type of lawyer you need, the role of the attorney, liability of trucking companies, and the requirements for filing a claim. We will also talk about the importance of eyewitness observations and the importance of video and pictures of the scene. We will also discuss how to collect evidence, such as video and photos of skid marks and disintegrated parts.


An experienced trucking accidents lawyer knows how to navigate the legal system to ensure that a victim gets the compensation he or she deserves. Cases involving large trucks are complicated because trucking companies must comply with a different set of safety regulations than passenger cars. Truck accidents may also involve third-party freight brokers, making it even more difficult to preserve evidence of violations. That’s why it’s important to choose an attorney with experience in trucking accidents.

A commercial trucking accident is extremely stressful, difficult, and unlikely to result in a favorable outcome. Hiring an attorney who has the necessary experience and knowledge will remove much of the stress and uncertainty from your situation. An experienced truck accident lawyer knows how to negotiate with insurance companies and will help you understand all of your options. The attorney will also gather evidence and contact witnesses to prove the full extent of your losses. Ultimately, you’ll receive the compensation you deserve.

Role of attorney

An attorney who specializes in commercial trucking accidents can help you obtain compensation from a negligent party. Cases involving trucking accidents are often complex, involving multiple insurance companies, defense lawyers, and government agencies. They also often involve extensive discovery, and defense engineers hire accident reconstruction experts. An attorney who specializes in commercial trucking accidents can maximize your recovery and minimize your costs. Here are some common legal problems that trucking attorneys face.

First, you must find out who is liable for the accident. This will likely include the trucking company and its drivers. A truck accident attorney can dig through maintenance logs to determine if mechanical problems led to the accident. In some cases, the truck driver may be held liable for the accident. Depending on the circumstances, an experienced attorney can determine who is responsible for causing the accident and how much compensation the victim should receive.

Liability of trucking company

As with any business, the liability of a trucking company can result from a variety of issues, including negligent hiring, training, and supervision. While trucking companies are required to follow certain regulations, a company can still be held liable for the actions of its employees, including accidents. For example, interstate trucking companies must conduct background checks and drug tests on their drivers. These steps are essential in protecting the company and its assets from liabilities.

As an employer, a trucking company is responsible for hiring qualified staff and training them appropriately. Some smaller companies rely on insurance companies to evaluate the qualifications of drivers. However, these insurance companies are not required by federal law to screen drivers, so if they hire an incompetent or unqualified driver, they could be held liable. Another example of liability stems from the broker who arranges cargo transportation. In such a case, the broker is held responsible for a failure to screen drivers.

Requirements to file a claim

If you were in a truck accident and have sustained injuries, there are a few requirements you must meet to make your claim. You must seek medical attention and take photos of any damage to your vehicle and surrounding property. Obtain the truck driver’s name and insurance information, as well as the company’s contact information. In addition, if you have been involved in a trucking accident, you must request the driver’s insurance information.

You must have the truck driver’s electronic log if you plan to file a claim. Federal regulations require truck drivers to take frequent off-duty breaks to rest and recuperate. This log is crucial because it is one of the main causes of truck-involved accidents. Also, a “black box” in a truck tracks how it operated before the collision. It also records how much speed the driver was traveling and when he applied brakes.

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