Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

The following are some of the lessons I’ve learned while working with a commercial truck accident attorney in Portland, Oregon. I’ve also included common causes of commercial truck accidents, the legal options available for victims of truck accidents, and the cost of hiring a commercial truck accident lawyer. Read on to learn more. Until then, enjoy some of these quick and useful tips. Hopefully, they’ll help you decide whether or not you should hire a commercial truck accident lawyer.

Lessons learned from working with a commercial truck accident lawyer in Portland, Oregon

The first lesson to remember after a truck accident is that you should never speak to the insurance company of the other party. Even if you have been able to recover from your injuries, you may have given a recorded statement that shows fault on your part. If this is the case, the insurance company may use this statement to deny your claim or offer unfair compensation. Having an experienced Portland, Oregon commercial truck accident lawyer on your side is vital.

In addition to the fact that truck accidents can cause serious injuries, these cases are often complex and difficult to prove without extensive investigations. Many trucking companies are regulated by federal and state laws. These regulations govern everything from the maintenance of equipment to the hours the drivers work and comply with federal safety standards. The Portland truck accident attorney you work with should know all of these laws and regulations. He will know which regulations to investigate in your case and what evidence you can use to prove your case.

Common causes of commercial truck accidents

Most commercial truck accidents are caused by drivers’ negligence. The trucking industry relies on a strict schedule to move cargo from point A to point B. Drivers are expected to make deliveries in a timely fashion and are often put under pressure to work as fast as possible to maximize profits. Drivers who are too tired or intoxicated can make mistakes and increase the risk of a fatal crash. Fatigued truck drivers may be driving in poor weather conditions or in an unfamiliar area, which can contribute to driver error. In fact, up to 40% of all truck accidents are caused by driver error.

The driver of a commercial truck may have made a critical judgment error while driving, causing the accident. A commercial truck driver may have been traveling too fast for the road conditions and failed to leave enough space between vehicles. Another common cause of large truck crashes is vehicle malfunctions, including faulty brakes, bald tires, or shifting cargo. While trucker negligence can result in liability for accidents caused by defective vehicles, other at-fault parties can also be held accountable, including other motorists and the municipality responsible for maintaining roads.

Legal options available to victims of commercial truck accidents

The legal options available to victims of commercial truck accidents are many and varied. While many cases settle without a lawsuit, you may be able to pursue your legal rights against the negligent party. The insurance companies for the parties responsible for the accident may have attorneys working on their behalf. It may be necessary to obtain legal assistance before filing a lawsuit. Legal options for trucking accident victims can include compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages.

Because commercial trucks are larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, they pose a higher risk of collisions and can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of large commercial truck and bus accidents involving injuries has risen by 62% and 13% from 2009 to 2015. You can pursue compensation from negligent parties who cause truck accidents. Here are a few examples of the legal options available to victims of commercial truck accidents.

Cost of hiring a commercial truck accident lawyer

A commercial truck accident attorney is the best choice if you have suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident involving a large truck. These cases have many moving parts, and a commercial truck accident lawyer can negotiate the best settlement for you. With expert advice and representation, you will receive the compensation you deserve and be on your way to recovering and returning to work. You’ll want to hire an expert commercial truck accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the best settlement possible.

You’ll need to find out what your lawyer will charge you for their services. Typically, they charge a percentage of the total settlement amount based on how much you’ll recover. The cost of hiring a commercial truck accident attorney will depend on the nature of your case, the complexity of your claim, and any additional expenses. But the good news is that you don’t have to pay up front for this service. You can take advantage of free consultations and evaluations by hiring a commercial truck accident attorney.

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