Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Memphis

Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When it comes to a serious motorcycle accident, the assistance of a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer can make all the difference. These attorneys know the importance of getting medical treatment, gathering evidence, and negotiating with insurance companies. Listed below are some of the services they provide. While a lawyer’s assistance can be invaluable, you may also wish to consider other legal options available to you. To find out more about the benefits of hiring an attorney in Memphis, read on.

Getting medical attention

In New York State, you must file a police report after a motorcycle accident. You can do so by calling the police department and providing them with the details of the accident. This will help them gather evidence and determine if the accident was the fault of a third party. Depending on the severity of injuries and location of the crash, it may be possible to keep the vehicle at the scene. Once the police arrive, you will have the opportunity to gather evidence and file a police report.

Getting a case review

Choosing a lawyer who specializes in this type of accident is essential if you’re thinking about pursuing compensation after a crash. While investigation and litigation of motorcycle crashes take time, an experienced Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer can get the ball rolling on your case quickly. In addition to a thorough investigation, a personal injury claim can help you receive compensation if another driver is at fault for your crash. Using motorcycle safety equipment is a must in Memphis, and violating regulations can put you at higher risk of accident and make it harder to collect compensation.

Gathering evidence

There is no doubt that a collision between a car and a motorcycle can be devastating. Motorcycles are much more dangerous than cars, primarily because they are more open and exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to see bikers and do not take them into consideration when making their decisions. These fatal collisions in Memphis often result from the inattention or recklessness of a negligent driver. Fortunately, most bikers in Tennessee are legally protected by helmets. Nonetheless, they are vulnerable to road rash, spinal problems, and severe fractures.

Negotiating with insurers

While most motorcycle accidents are not the fault of a motorcyclist, many times the other driver fails to see the motorcycle. The motorcyclist’s next obstacle is negotiating with the insurance company. These companies have biases against bikers that have a direct impact on the amount of compensation they award. Motorcycle accident attorneys at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton understand these biases and can help fight them to get you the compensation you deserve.

Recovering damages

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial if you want to recover your damages. You may feel confused, overwhelmed, and worried about the process of recovering your damages. A free consultation with a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer can help you clarify your thoughts and make the first steps needed to get your compensation. Contact an experienced attorney at Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys today to get started on the road to recovery.

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