Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Immediately after the accident, you must gather all the relevant information from potential witnesses. You must get each witness to record their version of events and sign a statement. Considering the fact that 77% of Americans own smartphones, you can use the device as a notepad to record the scene. Once you’ve collected all the necessary information, you can hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles to file a claim.

Identifying all

Whether you are injured in a motorcycle accident, or were hit by a car, identifying all motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles can help you protect your claim. Even if you believe you were not at fault, insurance companies will look for ways to shift the blame. While it may be tempting to hire a lawyer on your own, this decision may prove to be expensive later. You may be tempted to ignore the traffic accident report that shows the other driver was at fault. But such an approach may be a mistake.


A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can help you with a potentially dangerous situation. California is an “at-fault” state, which means that whichever party is found to be at fault for the accident must compensate the other party. Multiple parties will be held responsible based on their percentage of fault. While lane splitting is legal, it is still dangerous for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders must pay close attention to the road and be extra cautious. Motorcycle riders face severe injuries and medical complications that can last for years, and in some cases, even a lifetime.

Liable parties

Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you sort out which parties are at fault and who should pay. Under California’s comparative negligence law, an accident may have more than one defendant who is liable. If more than one party is at fault, they may have to split the economic damages. In addition, the alleged party may be liable for non-economic damages. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you figure out who is at fault and how to best pursue financial compensation.

Documenting the scene

Whether you are the victim of a motorbike accident or simply the witness to one, you should document the scene to help you later on. Take photographs of the scene, including critical conditions, to record any evidence. Contact any witnesses you can and exchange contact information with the responsible party. Also, remember to keep your composure – a motorcycle accident is stressful enough! You’ll want to document the scene as accurately as possible to help your case in court.

Avoiding admitting fault

A common mistake people make after a motorcycle accident is admitting fault. This is dangerous, because it could put your injury claim at risk. Insurance companies will argue that you listed everything, including any injuries. If you admit fault, you might not get the compensation you deserve. In fact, you may end up being blamed for an even worse accident than you thought. Here are a few tips for avoiding admitting fault.

Negotiating with insurance companies

When an accident causes serious bodily injury or wrongful death, you have the right to hire a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. However, many insurance companies refuse to negotiate with victims and their families, pointing out negative stereotypes about motorcycle riders. You will need a lawyer who knows how to collect evidence and negotiate with the insurance company. In addition to understanding your rights, an attorney can also help you prepare your case for trial and help you collect the award.

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