How to Make a Strong Case For Compensation With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How to Make a Strong Case For Compensation With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve recently been in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering what you should do next to make a strong case for compensation. First, you should seek legal representation. You may be able to obtain compensation for the accident, and will likely file a claim through the other driver’s insurance company, working with your Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney to ensure that the claim is successful. One important consideration for a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer is whether or not the other driver was legally drunk at the time of the accident. If this is the case, a drunk driver conviction could be powerful evidence for the other driver’s responsibility.

Expert witness

If you are in need of an expert witness, consider retaining the services of a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney. Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, like The Injury Firm, fight for the rights of accident victims and seek maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma. They also handle cases involving premises liability, work accidents, and wrongful death. Attorney Gary M. Zeidwig has over 17 years of experience and has won many awards for his clients.

Documentation of accident

It is crucial to document the details of the accident for your Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer. In the event that you have been involved in an accident and have suffered a personal injury, you may be held liable for the damages. A motorcycle accident attorney can help you determine how much compensation you are eligible to receive. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the damages could be as high as $20,000 or as low as $3,500.

Getting statements from witnesses

Obtaining statements from witnesses following a motorcycle accident increases your chances of proving fault. Unfortunately, minds and memories change over time, and a negligent party may admit fault at the scene of an accident but change their story later. If possible, speak to police to get their statement, and keep a cool head. Write down witness statements, and collect contact information. If the other driver’s insurance company asks for your statements, it will likely try to use it against you.

Noneconomic damages

Noneconomic damages are compensation for injuries and wrongful death suffered by a motorcyclist. Motorcyclists have a very limited protection level compared to other motorists. Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t have airbags, seatbelts, and metal frames to protect their riders. These factors make motorcycle accidents incredibly dangerous. Because of this, the victim of an accident may be eligible for monetary damages.

Punitive damages

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. An attorney understands the complexities of motorcycle accident lawsuits and will fight aggressively for you in court. Even with the best legal representation, accidents still happen. In 2017, for example, there were 736 motorcycle accidents in Broward County. Thirty-three people were killed and 607 were injured. However, that number decreased from the previous year.

Time limit for filing a claim

Unlike in other types of cases where there is no time limit, a motorcycle accident claim must be filed within a specified time period. Generally, the claim period is two years for bodily injuries and four years for property damage. After the accident, a motorcycle accident victim may accept a settlement offer or choose to pursue the case. After the deadline, a case will close or will be opened. However, if the accident was your fault, there is a deadline for pursuing your claim.

Cost of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you’ll likely have questions about the cost of hiring a Fort Lauderdale motorcycle accident attorney. Whether you’ll be paying on a contingency fee or for hourly services, you’ll want to know what all the fees and expenses will entail. These fees include document and court fees, as well as medical bills. While most motorcycle attorneys cover these expenses, there may be times when you’ll be required to pay for other expenses yourself. In this case, it’s important to discuss these expenses with your attorney in advance of hiring one.

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