Choosing an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Choosing an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Before hiring an Arizona motorcycle accident attorney, you must understand the basics of the law. Insurance companies are known to intimidate victims of motorcycle accidents, and they will often offer low settlements to avoid a court case. Refusing to take money from insurance companies is a smart way to protect yourself from this tactic. However, if you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, you will want to be sure you’ve chosen the best lawyer possible.

Christopher J. Zachar

As an early riser, Zachar’s early morning energy is legendary. In law school, he was the fifth best student in a class of 310. He later returned to Arizona to attend the University of Arizona College of Law. Zachar is a passionate litigator and is not afraid to go to trial if necessary. He has successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits for clients. His clients can rest assured that Zachar will fight tirelessly for them.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix will assess the damage to your motorcycle and negotiate a settlement amount with the other party’s insurance company. This is crucial, because motorcycle riders often accept an offer for less than their actual damages. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you obtain an accurate estimate and fight for the compensation you deserve. Another important factor in determining the settlement amount is whether or not you were wearing a helmet when the accident occurred. Helmet use reduces fatalities by 37%.

Burch & Cracchiolo

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, you may need the services of an experienced attorney. Attorneys at Arizona motorcycle accident law firm Burch & Cracchiolo have extensive experience handling all facets of motorcycle liability. They also represent clients in many other areas of the law, including business litigation. This is a unique skill that you’ll need if you’re pursuing a claim involving a defective motorcycle product.

Bryan Murphy, a partner at Burch & Cracchiolo, has extensive legal experience. He’s an AV(r) Preeminent attorney, a designation that is bestowed upon the top 5 percent of attorneys in Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review. He handles personal injury and wrongful death cases, and is fluent in Spanish. Gregory Rosenthal focuses his practice on civil litigation, including personal injury cases. He joined Burch & Cracchiolo after a career at Rosenthal Law Offices, where he practiced with his father for 18 years.

Comparative negligence law

Depending on the circumstances, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Arizona can use the comparative negligence doctrine to reduce or eliminate the liability of the other party. Arizona has modified its comparative negligence statutes to reduce the liability of one party in an accident by a certain percentage. In Arizona, a motorcycle accident lawyer may recover 80% of the damages caused by the other party if he or she was only 20% at fault.

The Arizona state constitution allows a claimant to recover up to 50% of the compensation awarded if they were partially at fault. Under Arizona law, you can also be partially at fault if you were driving at the time of the accident. If you are at fault for the accident, a jury will have to decide whether or not you were at fault. The amount of compensation you receive will be proportionate to your share of the fault.

Insurance company tactics

There are many common insurance company tactics that motorcycle accident lawyers in Arizona must be aware of in order to win your case. Firstly, it is important to know that Arizona law only requires motorcyclists under the age of 18 to wear a helmet. Therefore, if you were not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, your insurance company cannot use this as a defense against you. As a result, it is important to consult a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents in Arizona.

Secondly, you should know that insurance companies often try to minimize your claim by offering you pennies on the dollar. If you do not hire a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, you may find yourself getting nothing. Even worse, the insurance adjuster will claim that your injury was unrelated to the collision and ignore your claim altogether. Therefore, you should seek professional help from an attorney who can maximize your compensation. You can get in touch with Begam Marks & Traulsen, P.A., a Phoenix motorcycle accident law firm, to discuss your case.

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