Why You Should Hire a Trucking Accidents Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Trucking Accidents Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured in a trucking accident, it is imperative to hire a trucking accidents lawyer. The truck driver might be willing to pay for damages, but you need legal proof to win a lawsuit. While the police investigation may be necessary, moving injured parties can actually make their injuries worse. In addition, cooperating with the police can be harmful to your case, and could even ruin it completely. You need an experienced trucking accident lawyer.

Injuries caused by trucking accidents

People who are injured in a trucking accident often suffer a range of injuries. Burns, for example, can leave a victim with permanent disfigurement and scarring. They can also be fatal and require extensive medical care for the rest of their lives. Furthermore, burns are among the most painful types of injuries and can leave victims vulnerable to further complications and infections. This is why trucking accident victims deserve to receive compensation for their losses.

Examples of negligence in trucking accidents

The law recognizes many different types of negligence in trucking accidents. Negligent driving can include anything from speeding to failure to maintain the vehicle properly. In addition to drivers breaking the law, negligent companies are liable when a vehicle is not properly maintained or a mechanical part is defective. Any of these factors could result in a truck accident involving another vehicle. Here are some examples of negligence that can result in a lawsuit.

Necessity of hiring a truck accident lawyer

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is imperative if you have been injured in a crash. A truck accident lawyer can aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. Your chances of recovering a favorable settlement are slim if you attempt to negotiate with the insurance company yourself. The lawyer you hire will be able to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and fight to get you the maximum compensation possible. Your lawyer will also be able to explain any complex legal issues and procedures in your case.

Cost of hiring a truck accident lawyer

While hiring a truck accident lawyer does not necessarily cost much, it does have its drawbacks. Truck accident lawyers charge a set percentage of your settlement, which is usually around 30 percent. The percentage increases, however, if you decide to file a lawsuit. However, the fee you pay will be a lot less than the damages you will recover. In addition, you will not have to pay for the lawyer’s time and expense unless you win.

Contingency fee structure

When you hire a trucking accidents lawyer, you are essentially agreeing to hire him or her based on the contingency fee structure. Instead of charging you a set hourly rate, you agree to pay only if the case is successful. This means that if your trucking accident lawyer wins your case, you will only have to pay him or her if you recover compensation. In many cases, this is an excellent deal, and you should take advantage of this fee structure.

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