Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Why You Should Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer in New Jersey. These lawyers have extensive experience handling accidents involving commercial trucks. They understand the laws that govern truck accidents and the various types of vehicles involved. They can also give you free expert advice, a key factor in determining if you have a valid case. Then, they can handle all aspects of your case, including the statute of limitations, the insurance company’s policy, and other details.

Driver fatigue is a major factor in many truck accidents in New Jersey

Many crashes are caused by driver fatigue. The American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAAFTS) has released a report on the dangers of fatigue on the road. This study evaluated the time of day and the driver’s time-on-duty as well as crash factors. Fatigue was cited as a major factor in 182 accidents involving combination-unit trucks. However, this study cautions against generalizing its results. Although this survey methodology can provide a useful perspective on individual driver experiences and behavior in motor vehicle crashes, it does not capture the full universe of safety-related incidents.

Tired truck drivers are less alert, less able to make appropriate decisions, and may not take defensive driving measures. The danger of fatigue is particularly great in the trucking industry, where the driver is under time pressure to meet tight schedules. Truck drivers may be unable to recognize the signs of fatigue, but they can take steps to prevent a truck accident. Listed below are some common signs that a truck driver might be feeling sleepy or fatigued.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay for personal injuries

After a serious accident, the person suffering from the injuries often wants to get on with their lives. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not terribly sympathetic toward personal injury victims. Rather, they try to make victims go away as quickly as possible by using tactics that will delay the settlement process. These tactics include requiring extensive paperwork, lengthy phone calls, and repetitive interrogation. They may even ask you to sign a release form before releasing you from their care.

Insurance companies have become sophisticated in their defenses. They hire CME doctors to examine accident victims and offer opinions on their injuries. They also hire teams of engineers and surveillance people who may say that a person cannot be hurt without causing more damage to the property. But even if you’re unable to prove that the other driver was at fault, it won’t be enough to win a lawsuit.

Statute of limitations

If you have been injured in a truck accident in New Jersey, you may be wondering how long you have to file a lawsuit. This question is important because the statute of limitations is a specific timeframe that you must meet in order to file your lawsuit. In general, the statute of limitations in New Jersey is two years from the date of your accident. However, you must remember that this window can close earlier if certain circumstances apply.

First, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your accident. The deadline is often not the date you first filed the lawsuit – in some cases, people succumb to their injuries days or weeks after the crash. Therefore, it is important to file your lawsuit as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney in New Jersey can help you meet the deadlines and prove your case to the court.

Cost of hiring a truck accident lawyer

If you’re unable to pay the full amount of your settlement, you may be wondering how to afford a truck accident lawyer in New Jersey. The cost of a lawyer depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case, court schedules, and the willingness of the other parties to cooperate. In general, truck accidents involve out-of-state truck drivers, some of whom may be from Canada or Mexico. The cost of a lawyer’s services varies from one case to another, but the fee is generally low compared to the cost of receiving a full payout.

Often, injuries caused by a truck accident require significant medical care. In addition to hospitalization, a victim may need physical therapy or rehabilitation after the crash. Some injuries can be permanent and even total the victim’s vehicle. A truck accident lawyer can help victims assess the loss in terms of money, time, and the pain and suffering they experienced. They can also consult medical experts in order to determine the extent of the damage.

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