Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

You may need a Birmingham truck accident lawyer to represent you in court. They will be able to deal with the insurance company on your behalf and will not take unnecessary risks. After all, it’s your life, and you should get the maximum compensation you deserve. Read on for more tips. Read about the common causes of semi-truck accidents, and how to deal with the insurance company. You’ll be glad you chose the right Birmingham truck accident lawyer.

Getting a birmingham truck accident lawyer

Getting a Birmingham truck accident lawyer is essential if you are looking for compensation following a wreck. Injuries and damages can last a lifetime, and a truck accident lawyer can fight for your rights. Your injuries, lost wages, and medical bills are all legitimate expenses. Your Birmingham truck accident attorney will work with your physician to determine the severity of your injuries and the impact that they will have on your life. Although a hospital stay is often the only part of your compensation, you also deserve to be compensated for non-financial damages as well.

While truck accidents are usually catastrophic, a car crash involving a tractor-trailer or semi-truck is no less dangerous. Often, passenger vehicles are crushed under the weight of a truck and left in ruins. Sadly, most of the victims of these accidents are left with severe injuries that may last the rest of their lives. Even though the crash may seem unimaginable, victims are often left with a lifetime of traumatic memories.

Common causes of semi-truck accidents

While it is important to pay attention to other factors, one of the biggest causes of semi-truck accidents is driver error. Driver error is the number one cause of vehicle collisions and is responsible for the majority of accidents. Driver error can result from speeding, failing to check their blind spots, complication of driver behavior, or lack of training. Listed below are a few ways to prevent truck accidents and stay safe on the road.

Almost 5000 Americans are injured in a semi-truck accident every year. Each year, nearly 700 people are killed in such crashes. Typically, the victims of a semi-truck accident are passengers in smaller vehicles. A fully loaded commercial truck weighs an incredible 80,000 pounds, which is sixteen times heavier than the average passenger vehicle. This massive weight has devastating effects on smaller vehicles. Injuries from a semi-truck accident can be life-threatening.

Getting compensation after a semi-truck accident

If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any physical pain and suffering you suffered. These injuries may last for months, even years, and many victims are forced to miss work as a result of their pain. Because of the nature of these crashes, it’s crucial to identify any parties responsible for the crash and file a personal injury claim. Among these parties are the trucking company and the manufacturer of the truck or part that caused the accident.

While you may think that the medical bills you’ve incurred after a semi-truck accident are guaranteed, this is not the case. If the truck driver had engaged in seriously negligent conduct that caused the accident, he or she could be awarded punitive damages. These damages are designed to punish the defendant and discourage future similar behavior. However, in most cases, simple negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care, is responsible for truck accidents. Punitive damages may be awarded, allowing you to receive more compensation.

Dealing with insurance companies

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Alabama, you can skip the investigation by hiring an attorney. These attorneys have extensive experience handling truck accident claims and have the resources necessary to fight for your right to compensation. You can also hire an attorney to deal with insurance companies for you, ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Your attorney will handle all aspects of dealing with insurance companies for you, from negotiating the terms of your settlement to bringing your case to trial if needed.

After a truck accident, you may need to contact a Birmingham truck accident lawyer to pursue your claim. It is important to get an assessment from a doctor, since the injuries may not be immediately obvious. Your lawyer will also help you preserve crucial evidence and begin building your case. A lawyer can also protect you from the insurance company, which might not be able to pay your bills. You should not make any statements to the insurance company without the consultation of an attorney.

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