Truck Accident Attorney – Why You Need One

Truck Accident Attorney – Why You Need One

Truck Accident Attorney – Why You Need One

If you have been in a truck accident and have been injured, you may be wondering whether you need the services of a truck accident attorney. The answer is that you do not have to do this alone. The following tips will help you prepare to fight back against the negligent trucking company and their insurance company. These tips also include not leaving the scene of the accident, taking pictures, and contacting a doctor. After the accident, you should contact a truck accident attorney.

Do not take on the trucking company or their insurance alone

You may be wondering whether you should sue the trucking company or their insurance alone if an accident occurred. The answer depends on your circumstances, including whether the driver was acting outside of his or her employment responsibilities, deviating from a scheduled route, or otherwise using the truck for personal use. As an independent contractor, you can be liable for damages, but you may not be able to sue the trucking company if you are the sole driver of the truck.

Smaller trucking companies often have inadequate insurance coverage, making it difficult to pursue compensation for injuries caused by negligent drivers. Many times, these companies offer ridiculously low policy limits. Without proper insurance coverage, these trucking companies are effectively subsidizing their own operations by requiring their drivers to pay these costs. Do not take on the trucking company or their insurance alone! You have rights and protections as a victim, and you should never have to fight them alone.

Do not leave the scene of the accident

If you have been in an accident, do not leave the scene unless you’ve been granted permission by law enforcement. Not only is it dangerous, but leaving the scene can diminish your chances of receiving compensation. However, you may need to stay at the scene of the accident if you’ve been injured. If you can, try to contact law enforcement or another emergency service as soon as possible. If you are unable to contact law enforcement, try to call 911.

If you’re the first to arrive on the scene, do not let the other driver leave without exchanging information. Write down the license plate numbers of the vehicles and other details about them. If you’re unable to get in touch with the other driver, leave a note with their contact information. If possible, record the make and model of the other vehicles. Make sure to write down the address where the accident occurred so that the police can give you an accurate description of the vehicle involved.

Take photos

After an Orange County truck accident, you will likely be left with medical bills and wage loss. These expenses can include medical bills for surgery, imaging scans, lab tests, physical therapy, and prescription medication. The more pictures you take of the scene of the accident, the better your case will be. In addition to photos of the accident scene, you should also take photos of any injuries you sustained, as well as other cars and trucks involved.

If you were injured, seek medical attention and file a police report. This report will detail the details of the accident. Before you tell the police about your injuries, gather evidence and talk to witnesses. Make sure to get the insurance information of both parties involved. When you have all of your evidence, contact a truck accident lawyer Orange County, CA, who will help you build a case and fight for your rights. They can represent you in court and collect the necessary insurance information.

Contact a doctor

If you were in a truck accident, you should consult a medical professional immediately. While you may be fine at the time of the accident, many injuries can take days or even weeks to manifest. In some cases, injuries can even be life-threatening. Whether the crash was your fault or not, contacting a doctor immediately will help you prove your injuries and retain your ability to pursue compensation. Here’s why.

When filing a claim with your insurance company, it’s critical to see a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you see a doctor, the faster you can begin treatment and collect a settlement. It’s also helpful to have your medical records on hand for the insurance company, as they will use these documents when determining your compensation. Additionally, it’s vital to keep follow-up appointments. If you miss appointments frequently, the insurance company will view these as a lack of commitment to your treatment. Likewise, if your doctor doesn’t believe you’ve been injured enough to need treatment, he could become a bad witness.