Motorcycle Accident Lawyer NYC

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer NYC

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to get immediate medical attention. Additionally, you might be entitled to compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, and future care. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be eligible to receive money from the other party based on comparative negligence law. To learn more, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer NYC today. You can also schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Getting immediate medical attention after a motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident is usually a traumatic experience, but it does not mean you should stay home and wait for medical attention. When an accident happens, you should seek medical attention immediately and call your insurance company if necessary. Insurance companies often base their decisions on the police’s determination of fault, which is why it’s important to get immediate medical attention. Moreover, you can’t let the police decide your case for you if you’re not hurt.

Getting compensation for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to file a claim for damages. The Federal Tort Claims Act only allows certain victims to file claims against the government. In some cases, however, there are exceptions. In such cases, the government may be liable for some of the damages, so it’s worth consulting with a lawyer to determine whether you can file a claim against them.

Getting compensation from the at-fault party

Depending on the extent of your injuries, obtaining compensation from the at-fault party can be difficult. While minor injuries may be easy to obtain, more serious injuries may require more complicated medical treatments. Even though an uninsured driver is unlikely to pay out as much as a full insurance policy, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If possible, see a doctor for a full diagnosis of your injuries.

New York’s comparative negligence law

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, it can be difficult to determine who was at fault for the crash. Sometimes, motorcycle riders are negligent or reckless, and can be less visible to other drivers. In these cases, negligent riding may contribute to an accident or even cause it. Thankfully, New York’s comparative negligence law applies a percentage of fault to each party involved. When an accident occurs, a plaintiff may be able to collect compensation against the negligent party to cover medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and accident-related expenses.

Statute of limitations for motorcycle accident lawsuits

A motorcycle accident lawsuit must be filed within the statute of limitations. Generally, that time limit is three years, beginning on the date of the accident and ending on the date of the last payment. However, a motorcycle accident lawsuit by a minor may be filed within two years from the victim’s 20th birthday. In this instance, the statute of limitations for a motorcycle accident lawsuit may be extended. This is because the minor is considered a “person under disability” for the purposes of the statute of limitations.

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