Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orange County

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Orange County

A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange County can help you file a claim against a defendant for the damage they caused in the crash. They are also familiar with the legal requirements and procedures and can represent your interests in the courtroom. At Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, they will help you file the legal paperwork and fight your case. For a free consultation, contact them today. They are committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle accident.

Medical expenses incurred in the treatment of a motorcycle accident victim

Many motorcycle accidents can leave a victim with a permanent disability, and medical expenses can become a major burden. For some, this burden may require ramps or chairlifts to get around. Others may require widened doors or alterations to their homes. In some cases, they may need to hire help or get emotional support animals. In addition, they may require special equipment for their vehicles, including hand controls and swivel chairs. Although they might be necessary, they can add up quickly. For most people, the amount of money spent on medical bills is not significant, but it is worth keeping track of them.

Medical bills incurred after a motorcycle accident can reach six figures. Even if you have health insurance, your bills may be too high to cover. In these cases, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you seek the maximum amount of compensation possible. Many people don’t think of these costs, and they may have to incur huge credit card debt, liquidate savings, and sell off personal belongings to pay for the treatments.

Property damage suffered by the defendant after the accident

There are two basic types of property damage following a motorcycle accident: physical and emotional. Physical damage is caused by the collision, and emotional damage is due to the recovery process. Often, hearing or seeing the crash is triggering, requiring therapy. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant, but in Florida, they cannot exceed $500,000, or three times the compensatory damages. To get punitive damages, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted intentionally.

If the defendant acted negligently, a lawsuit can be successful if the other party is found responsible for the damages. A motorcyclist can sue a motorist for ascareven and soft tissue injuries. If the defendant is found to have caused the motorcycle accident, a settlement may be insufficient to cover all of the damages. This is why the amount of damages awarded in motorcycle accident lawsuits is often low.

Average payouts for a motorcycle accident claim in Orange County

Insurance companies often try to reduce the amount you can expect to receive for your claim by attempting to convince you to sign a waiver or settle for less than what is right. The best way to fight back and ensure that you are compensated fairly is to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS for a free consultation. We will discuss your options and determine the potential value of your claim.

When evaluating damages in a motorcycle accident, you should consider how serious your injuries are. It is not always easy to determine how much money you’re due for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, physical therapy, and mental therapy, among other things. Your compensation may also include your share of fault. Your attorney can determine how much you’re entitled to, and what you can expect in terms of compensation.

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