Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chattanooga

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chattanooga

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chattanooga

When you’re looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chattanooga, you should consider Thornbury, Litchford, Pearce & Associates PLLC, or the Hamilton Firm. While each of these law firms provides a high level of legal representation, their experience is different from one another. We’ll discuss Thornbury’s background and how their legal expertise can help you win your case.

Thornbury is a motorcycle accident lawyer in Chattanooga

If you are in need of a Chattanooga motorcycle accident attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Herbert Thornbury is a certified civil trial specialist with over 30 years of experience helping victims of serious injuries. Thornbury also has certifications from the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education, and has obtained the highest rating possible from Martindale-Hubbell. The attorneys of insurance companies and large employers have attorneys working for them. Herbert Thornbury’s experience in proving negligence is invaluable in achieving the best possible result for his clients.

Mr. Thornbury has been practicing law for over 30 years and is board-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He has also served as a member of the Board of Professional Responsibility for Tennessee’s lawyers. As a member of this organization, he has been rated as AV by his peers. As a result, he has helped thousands of individuals and families secure justice after an injury.

Litchford, Pearce & Associates PLLC

Litchford, Pearce & Assoc. PLLC is a law firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with additional offices in Colorado Springs. They represent individuals in accidents and help them receive compensation for damages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. In addition, founding member Mark Litchford has been recognized as a 2019 Attorney for Justice by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

The firm is comprised of Russell King and Tricia Dennis. Both attorneys represent individuals in all kinds of vehicle-related accidents. Both have more than 25 years of combined experience and are members of the State Bar of Georgia and the American Association for Justice. Their attorneys have a proven track record of success. You can trust that your case will receive the attention and compensation that it deserves.

Hamilton Firm

The Hamilton Firm is a legal team that focuses on protecting the rights of individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. The firm handles cases involving all types of vehicles and works with both personal and commercial clients. Attorneys at the firm have 132 years of combined experience and are licensed to practice in five states. These attorneys can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact Hamilton Firm for a free consultation today.

As a motorcycle accident attorney in Chattanooga, I can help you pursue economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Economic damages, such as medical bills, car repair expenses, and lost wages, are easily quantifiable. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are not as easy to quantify. These damages encompass pain and suffering and trauma. In addition, non-economic damages include punitive damages.