Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Milwaukee is invaluable if you are a victim of an on-the-road collision. They have the skills to maximize your claim value and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Many motorcycle accidents could have been avoided if drivers were more attentive. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to drive cautiously and avoid swerving. In the event that an accident is unavoidable, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Milwaukee will fight for you, ensuring that the at-fault driver is held accountable for their negligence.


The goal of a GRGB Law motorcycle accidentlawyer is to help you receive the justice you deserve after an accident. Many motorcycle accident victims experience catastrophic injuries that require expensive medical care and special accommodations. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer can guide you through the process to maximize your financial recovery. During your free consultation with a Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney, you can ask any questions you have and get your case evaluated for free. In many cases, you can receive significant monetary compensation for your injuries.

Because many car drivers are not familiar with the dynamics of a motorcycle, they often place blame on the motorcycle driver. In addition, the opposing attorney or adjuster may attempt to blame your injuries on your lack of protective measures. However, Wisconsin law prohibits you from receiving compensation if you are more than 50% at fault for an accident. By retaining a Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer, you can be assured that your case will receive the attention and care you need to get a fair settlement.

Groth Law

Choosing a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer is important. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer. Experience is key, as well as knowing the rules and regulations surrounding motorcycle accidents. For more information, contact the Groth Law firm. Our attorneys are experienced in handling motorcycle accident claims, and we’ll explain the entire process step-by-step. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

Jon Groth graduated from Marquette Law School in 2000 and has been practicing in Wisconsin litigation since. His practice is extensive, focusing on personal injury law, bicycle accidents, dog attacks, and product liability. He also has extensive trial experience, having tried over 100 cases before juries. In fact, he once won a $23 million lawsuit on behalf of an 82-year-old vehicle accident client. This success is testament to the skill and experience of this Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney.

Law Offices of Stephen B. Strnad SC

Steven B. Strnad is a Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney who represents clients throughout the metro area. He focuses his practice on motorcycle accidents and other types of vehicle flaws and road hazards. He has a long record of success helping accident victims obtain full compensation. In addition to motorcycle accidents, Strnad handles cases involving wrongful death and car and truck collisions.

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