Lyft Accident Lawyers

Lyft Accident Lawyers

Lyft Accident Lawyers

Before you contact a Lyft accident lawyer, you should not speak to anyone until you have consulted a lawyer. Insurance companies try to collect information from victims of rideshare accidents to reduce their liability for the auto accident. Instead, speak to an experienced lawyer and let him or her speak for you. Family members of the victims of a Lyft accident can also file a claim. For more information, read on.

Rideshare accidents

If you or a loved one has been in an Uber or Lyft accident, you may be wondering whether you can get compensation for the injuries. The truth is that you can. However, if the negligent driver is not covered by insurance, it may be difficult to collect compensation. You should talk to a rideshare accident lawyer to find out more. In some cases, the rideshare company is also liable for the injuries caused by its negligent driver.

You can sue both the Lyft driver and the rideshare company if you can prove negligence on both sides. To do so, you will need to show that the negligence was caused by the other driver, and that it was causally related to your injuries. If you are able to prove that the negligent driver was at fault for the accident, you can sue the rideshare company for a defective product.


In an accident involving a Lyft ride-sharing vehicle, a personal injury lawyer can help you determine the extent of the liability of the Lyft driver. If the driver was not insured, Lyft is partially responsible for the damages. Lyft accident insurance policies cover up to $100,000 per accident and cover the damages that are not covered by personal insurance. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case is essential for maximizing your settlement.

A good Lyft accident lawyer will have a thorough understanding of the rideshare law. They will know how to best pursue your case and ensure you receive maximum compensation. Moreover, they will have experience in dealing with insurance carriers. While most of these companies have their own legal teams, Lyft has a well-rounded legal team that has extensive experience in these cases. A Lyft accident lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to maximize the amount of damages you can expect from the insurance company.


Hiring an experienced Lyft accident lawyer is your best bet when you have been involved in a serious auto accident. Not only can an accident cost you your life, but you may be faced with a mountain of bills that you never anticipated. It may also mean that you can’t continue earning your paycheck because you’re not working. In such a case, you should be prepared to fight for your right to compensation.

In New York, Lyft drivers must carry personal auto insurance to protect themselves and their passengers. This insurance is usually a multi-million dollar policy, but it is not enough to compensate all victims. You may need to work with the driver’s insurance company or personal insurance policy. Most insurers will only pay up to the amount of their policy, so you may have to go to court to prove you were injured in a car accident.

Insurance coverage

If you’re in an accident while using Lyft, you have options. Although most Lyft drivers complete rides safely, accidents are not uncommon and the best Lyft accident lawyers understand the ins and outs of the process and can handle the competing insurance policies. Lyft carries insurance for both drivers and passengers. Coverage includes liability, uninsured motorist, and no-fault insurance. If you are in an accident while using Lyft, the law firms that represent Lyft drivers can help you obtain damages.

The first thing you should do after you’ve been in a Lyft accident is call 911. You can get help if you’re injured, and the police can write a report. It’s important to call 911 after an accident, and don’t forget to get medical attention if you need it. Lyft has a policy that requires drivers to check on passengers and seek medical attention in case of an accident.