How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

How to Choose a Truck Accident Lawyer

While large trucks may seem like a small nuisance, they are actually much larger than most cars and can cause a lot of damage and serious injuries. Every 15 minutes, someone is injured due to a truck collision. Fortunately, there are legal services that can review the details of your truck accident case in Myrtle Beach to determine your rights and the extent of your financial loss. Listed below are some tips for choosing the right truck accident attorney.

William J. Luse

An experienced lawyer such as William J. Luse can help you determine what type of case you have. He will determine whether your case is in the field of personal injury law or another area of law and which judicial procedure is appropriate for your case. Once he has determined what type of case you have, he will work to get you the maximum compensation possible. The Law Office of William J. Luse, Inc. has represented clients in cases similar to yours.

In addition to personal injury cases, William Luse also handles cases of general practice. He is a truck accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He has more than 10 years of experience and works hard to get his clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries. He understands how important it is to get compensation for the loss you or a loved one has suffered. Although most accident claims are settled out of court, he understands that some claims require a lawsuit.


Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach is crucial if you’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident. Trucking accidents often involve large vehicles and can result in devastating injuries. A skilled Myrtle Beach truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Trucking companies want to settle as quickly as possible. They’re not going to be satisfied with a lowball offer.

In Myrtle Beach, a truck accident lawyer can help you get compensation for the damage caused by a semitruck. Although there are no interstate highways in the area, drivers often drive dangerously and are at fault for crashes. Commercial truck drivers are also frequently at fault, especially if they are speeding. The speed of commercial trucks can be dangerous, so they should be stopped immediately if you are involved in one of these collisions.


When you need a Myrtle Beach truck accident attorney, consider the credentials of his or her firm. A qualified truck accident attorney will know the federal motor carrier regulations and can add the proper parties to your lawsuit. Your lawyer can also determine the cause of your accident and determine who is at fault. Whether it is the negligence of a truck driver or a negligent driver of a large vehicle, the right truck accident lawyer can make the difference between a successful outcome and a loss of money.

In a truck accident, the trucking company will want to limit the amount of money that can be awarded to a victim. They will want to avoid paying for a large judgment because it would increase their settlement value or end the case earlier. But, a high punitive verdict is not always a bad thing for truck accident victims. This is because the trucking company often settles out of court quietly. However, you have rights, and you deserve the best representation possible.


If you have suffered injuries as the result of a truck accident, you may have a right to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. An experienced law firm in Myrtle Beach can help you get the compensation you deserve. They will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company and take your case to court if necessary. To get the compensation you deserve, you must file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. In some cases, you may also file a claim on the other party’s insurance coverage.

Your insurance company may try to minimize your compensation by denying you compensation. A truck accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach will review your case and determine what your case is worth. If the truck driver was at fault for your accident, they may be liable for your injuries. It is imperative to hire an attorney right away after an accident to ensure you are paid your full financial compensation. The fee for a Myrtle Beach truck accident lawyer will vary depending on the complexity of your case.

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