Five Reasons to Seek Medical Attention After a Truck Accident

Five Reasons to Seek Medical Attention After a Truck Accident

A truck accident can be devastating. You may have to deal with mounting medical bills, time off work, and other costs. However, you have legal rights. Jeffrey Penneys has been fighting for accident victims for 25 years. While Pennsylvania has nearly 7,000 reported heavy truck accidents each year, the actual injury count is far higher. Regardless, you should seek medical attention immediately after a truck accident. It is also important to preserve the truck’s internal records.

Tractor-trailer accidents involve professional drivers

Many people may not realize how dangerous it is to drive alongside a tractor-trailer. Typically, a commercial truck weighs twenty to thirty times more than a passenger car, and the height difference between the two vehicles can lead to a devastating collision. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, a Georgia truck-trailer accident attorney can help you make sense of your situation.

Despite being a huge, heavy vehicle, a truck driver can make many mistakes while driving. They lack the ability to maneuver at high speeds and visibility. Long trucks can be dangerous to maneuver, so truck drivers often use two lanes for turning. This is particularly dangerous during adverse weather conditions. Another common cause of truck-trailer accidents is human error. Drivers must take breaks every two hours while driving.

You have legal rights after a truck accident

Although it may seem impossible to win a legal case for damages caused by a truck accident, you do have legal rights. Truck accidents often cause much more damage to cars and other property than any other kind of accident. If you are injured in one, it is crucial to seek legal counsel. An experienced truck accident attorney can help you build a strong case and secure maximum compensation. In such a case, contact The Leddy Law Firm, LLC for legal assistance.

If you can identify the truck driver at fault, you can use the information to file a negligence claim against the driver. Ideally, you should exchange contact information with the truck driver’s employer and obtain the name and policy number of his insurance company. Besides, the evidence gathered during the accident can help you build a case for damages. You can also get eyewitnesses’ testimony to support your negligence claim against the truck driver.

You should seek medical attention immediately after a truck accident

Getting medical care after a truck accident is a top priority, but you might not realize it right away. Many people don’t, thinking their injuries are minor or that they can wait until they get home to worry about the medical bills. However, you should remember that your health is paramount, and delaying medical care can hurt your case for compensation. The following are five reasons to seek medical care right away after a truck accident.

First, you should notify the police about the accident. Depending on the nature of your injury, it may involve internal bleeding, a fractured bone, or traumatic brain injury. No matter what, it is important to get medical attention right away, so you can document the details of your injuries. Further, you should document who else was involved in the accident, including witnesses and the company truck driver. In some instances, more than one party may be liable for the damage to your vehicle and the injuries you sustained.

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