Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

Bronx Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured by a truck, you should contact a Bronx truck accident lawyer. The truck company or insurance agency may try to blame the victim for the accident, or may simply deny the driver’s fault. If you cannot prove who is at fault, a Bronx truck accident lawyer can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Here are some tips to help you determine who is to blame in your case.

Mechanic’s defects

Mechanical failures in a truck can result in an accident. This type of failure can result in massive repair bills and time off the road. Big trucks are also more massive than smaller passenger vehicles, and a mechanical failure can lead to devastating accidents that cause serious injuries and even death. In the event of a truck accident, you should have an attorney examine the vehicle’s history and use accident reconstruction experts to reconstruct the accident.

A mechanic must fix any mechanical problems in a truck before it can be certified roadworthy. If he or she misses a problem or fails to properly fix it, this may be considered negligent and lead to a lawsuit. Even if a mechanic finds out a problem, he or she should still evaluate the vehicle for potential further problems. Some problems can be easily remedied by a mechanic, while others require more time and effort.

Road conditions

Depending on the type of truck involved in an accident, road conditions can make a difference in a case. For example, many truck accidents occur due to improper tire maintenance. The truck itself is not liable if the driver fails to take maintenance measures. Truck parts that malfunction can also be at fault. Similarly, cargo loads must adhere to certain size and weight limits in order to avoid causing accidents. A Brooklyn truck accident lawyer can help victims pursue compensation for their injuries.

While it’s tempting to try to handle the case on your own, it’s important to retain the services of a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. These attorneys are skilled at investigating the accident and engaging in accident reconstruction. They know how to hire top experts in accident reconstruction to build the strongest case possible at trial. They can help you recover the maximum compensation you deserve from the trucking company, which would pay for your medical costs and incidental expenses.

Driver’s negligence

If you were in a truck accident due to another driver’s negligence, you can hold the driver accountable for any injuries or damages you’ve suffered. Drivers are often distracted when behind the wheel, and can be held liable for accidents resulting from their carelessness or inattention. This problem is becoming increasingly common among truck drivers. This is because truck drivers are required by law to maintain a reasonable distance, and in some cases, the driver simply didn’t pay attention to the road.

A driver may not be at fault for the accident, but you can still pursue a lawsuit for damages, including pain and suffering. In some states, the truck driver can be held responsible for the accident, and this can include punitive damages. In Georgia, for example, if the driver was only 50 percent at fault, you can still file a lawsuit. In addition to pursuing a lawsuit against the truck driver, you can hold the truck manufacturer or employer liable for any damages you incur due to the accident.

Manufacturer’s negligence

A Bronx truck accident attorney will first look for evidence of recklessness or carelessness on the part of the other driver. Truck drivers are notorious for making deadly mistakes, such as failing to check their blind spots or inspect their vehicle before they head out. Smaller vehicles also share the blame for dangerous driving when they cut too close to a large truck, or follow too closely to a trailer. Neither of these actions are acceptable, and may result in serious injury or death.

In such cases, the driver of the truck may be legally liable for the crash. Depending on the severity of the injuries, a Bronx truck accident lawyer may be able to make the driver accountable for their negligence. The trucking company must pay damages if the accident was caused by the employee’s negligence. The truck driver may be responsible for the crash or have been negligent in hiring or rest breaks.

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